In the beginning

We discovered Kombucha while backpacking around Asia, and decided to share the magical drink on return to the UK…

Elixir of Life

We recruited a group of old school friends and started brewing up the so-called ‘Elixir of Life’ in our spare bedroom, handing it out to family and friends in our local community. Our first Kombucha fans couldn’t get enough of the sparkling sweet and sour goodness...

We want more!

The feedback was so great that we found ourselves brewing more and more, eventually selling kombucha at our local market. Demand grew so quickly that we soon needed more space to supply the wonder juice to an ever-growing crowd.

From these humble beginnings, Equinox has rapidly grown to become the UK market leaders, distributing to health food stores, cafes and bars across Britain and Europe.

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Where can I buy Kombucha?

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