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Low Sugar Kombucha Drink Recipes - Raspberry & Thyme Mocktail

A refreshing mood booster to power you through the mid week slump!

Freshen up with vitamin-rich blood oranges and pungent thyme sprigs! Vitamins are the building blocks for a healthy diet, so why not enjoy some in your favourite drink.  

Equinox Elderflower and Raspberry is infused with mood-boosting citruses to create this revitalising beverage rich in antioxidants.  

 Serves: 2 


  • Juice of 2 blood oranges (approx. 100 ml) 
  • 1 bottle of Equinox Elderflower and Raspberry  
  • A squeeze of lemon 
  • A handful of fresh raspberries 
  • 3 blood orange slices 
  • 3 small thyme sprigs  
  • Optional: ice cubes 


  1. Squeeze 2 medium-sized blood oranges (approx. 100 ml of blood orange juice).  

  1. Stir gently. 

  1. Top off each glass with fresh raspberries, a slice of blood orange and small thyme sprigs. 

  1. Optional: turn the drink into a cocktail by adding a shot of vodka.

Recipe by Tajda Fero AKA My Vegan Minimalist

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