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Very Berry Kombucha Acai Bowl

A Yummy Gut Healing Treat!


• 250g Frozen berries

• 2 Frozen bananas

• 150ml Wild Berry Equinox Kombucha

• 2 tbsp acai powder

• 1 tbsp honey for sweetness

For the Toppings

• Flaked Almonds

• Strawberries

• Pomegranate seeds

1. Add frozen fruits to the blender and blend on low until a smooth texture. 

2.Add in 150ml very berry kombucha to get the right consistency. 

3. Add in the honey and acai powder and continue blend slowly scraping down the sides if needed until the mixture becomes a soft consistency.

4. Scoop into 1-2 serving bowls and top with toppings of choice. (nuts, granola and fruit are a good option) Nut butter makes a great addition here too! 

5. Eat while fresh :)

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Recipe by Miranda Jack

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