Questions & Answers

What is Equinox Kombucha?

Equinox Kombucha is a cultured beverage made from fermenting Organic Green Tea. Kombucha is a natural alternative to traditional fizzy drinks but generally has much less sugar. Kombucha is classed as a fermented or cultured beverage and is similar to other foods such as Kefir, Sour Kraut and Yogurt. For further information on Kombucha please visit our blog post here.

Where can I buy Kombucha?

You can buy our Kombucha from a number of outlets in the UK and we have listed them on our store finder here. If you can’t wait and would like them delivered straight to your door you can order them direct from us by visiting our Online Store here.

What is that thing floating in my drink??

As our Kombucha is raw and unpasteurised, at times a new ‘SCOBY’ or culture will form in the bottle after the bottling process. This is completely natural and is due to the drinks being raw and containing live bacteria.  This is what gives Kombucha its unique flavour and appeal.

We understand, not everyone wants to drink this part though so we recommend you pour the bottle into a glass through a filter or if this is not possible just leave the last bit in the bottle.

You say your Kombucha is Organic, but how can I tell?

Not long after we began producing our drinks we began working with the Soil Association. They are the biggest organic governing body in the UK and are very strict on their policies. The Soil Association make sure every bag of ingredients can be traced right back to the farm they were grown on. 

What does Kombucha taste like?

Kombucha is a live culture and so it will always produce a slight variation from batch to batch. Kombucha is a cultured beverage, so it produces certain tones of flavour you would not usually associate with other available drinks. The majority of drinks on the market are very sweet in taste so some people are surprised when they first encounter the fermented tones associated with Kombucha.

Should I Shake the bottle?

Although there may be some bits floating in the bottle due to further fermentation we do not recommend you shake your bottle vigorously (if at all). Our Kombucha is fizzy and alive so you may expect to get wet doing this!

Who can drink Kombucha?

Anyone and everyone can enjoy the benefits of Kombucha, however, remember that young ones have smaller bodies so we recommend their servings are also small as well and diluted with water.

I am pregnant, can I drink Kombucha?

We do not give medical advice. However, as a general rule, pregnant women should not introduce anything new to their diet. If you are pregnant and feel you would like to drink Kombucha we recommend you seek advice from your doctor.

I have bought some Kombucha from your website, when should I expect it to arrive?

All our orders are sent out on the next working day via Royal Mail and usually arrive 2-3 days after dispatch. When you placed an order you will receive a tracking code via your email. For more information please visit our tracking and delivery page here.

My Question has not been answered.

If you have any further specific questions about our drinks you can find our details on the contact page here.

Does Kombucha contain any alcohol?

Kombucha is a fermented beverage and within the fermentation process alcohol is created. The very small amount of alcohol is not sufficient to catergorise the product as alcoholic as it is 0.5% or less. To put this in to perspective, fruit juices can naturally contain 0.5% alcohol and malt vinegar 0.2%.