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about us

At Equinox we are dedicated to brewing the best organic artisan Kombucha you’ve ever tasted. With our unique brewing process creating an equally unique delicious taste, it’s easy to see why our Kombucha is now flying off the shelves in Britain, seven other countries across Northern Europe and Scandinavia.


the asian adventure

We discovered kombucha tea whilst backpacking around Asia, and decided to craft our own when we returned to the UK in 2012.

From these humble beginnings, Equinox has grown rapidly to become the UK market leader, distributing to hundreds of health food stores, cafes and bars across Britain.


the kitchen opens

Having experimented with the life giving elements of Kombucha, we kitted out our mates kitchen and began brewing.


our first customer

We started selling our tasty magic formula from the back of a clapped out old camper van at market stalls and trade shows, never knowing if we would make it home again.

vegfest 2014

We won an award for Best Vegan Drink at Vegfest 2014.


The grocery accelerator

Equinox Kombucha was handpicked by The Grocery Accelerator (a Dragon’s Den-style mentoring programme) in 2015.

Grocery Accelerator director Rob Ward believes that part of Equinox’s charm is the fact it’s a fresh, young company that has managed to make a huge breakthrough in a growing market, answering a growing social demand for healthy, conscious and ethical drinks.

“It’s a great bunch of people with a family atmosphere, which we look for,” Rob told us. “It’s sincere but fun. There’s a huge personality behind the brand, and the big corporates don’t have that.”

Having our roots in the famously quirky Yorkshire hill town of Hebden Bridge, maybe Equinox was always bound to break the mould.

the great flood

It’s been far from plain sailing. Disaster struck on Boxing Day 2015, when severe floods hit the north of England, leaving whole towns- including Hebden Bridge - deep underwater. With computers and brewing equipment alike floating around in six feet of sludge, we had to literally start again from scratch. Such a huge setback would be enough to test the patience of any company, but Equinox’s positive philosophy and tenacious community was our saving grace.


the brewery is born

With help from our investors, our community and our tireless Founders, we forged ahead to set up and open our first brewery site and bottling plant which forms the foundation of our production today.

great taste award

We won a prestigious Great Taste 2 star Award in 2016 for our Original Kombucha.


taste transformation

After years of alchemy, our Kombucha was voted by Great Taste, one of the best tasting drinks in the UK. It was also the year that we partnered with Waitrose and launched into the mainstream.

great taste award

We won a prestigious Great Taste 1 star Award in 2017 for our Raspberry & Elderflower Kombucha.


great taste award

We won a prestigious Great Taste 1 star Award in 2018 for our Pink Grapefruit & Guava Kombucha.


rebrand renew

We had grown up and it was time to change our brand look and feel to reflect this. 2018 was the year of rethinking, redesign and reposition for the Equinox story and brand proposition..

Equinox Kombucha Daniel Spayne

“To me, we are different because we align many things in one business. Not only do we make a top quality product but we also have a well defined and beautifully designed new brand. When you combine this with our ethics and desire to do good in our local community and work in a sustainable way then you have a unique proposition that you don't see often in the global marketplace. Ideally, we would like companies like us to be the norm but this will take some time.”.

Daniel Spayne

Managing Director

the big time

Then the big boys started to take notice of our magical brews. New partnerships from Holland & Barrett, Co-Op and Mitchells & Butler and investment from Yeo Valley. We are now looking to the future with hope, responsibility and passion for refreshing and rebalancing health for people across the world.

Equinox Kombucha The Team


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