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We’re not usually the type to brag, but we’ve been awarded four Great Taste Awards for our delicious flavours. Just saying.

All of our organic kombucha drinks are 100% Organic, Raw, Vegan, Gluten free and packed with vitamins and organic acids. And thanks to our top secret brewing method, there are no hidden nasties. All you need to do is decide which you want to try.

Don’t think you’ve got to stick to one flavour – mix it up however you like with any of our six classic organic kombucha flavours: Original, Peach & Turmeric, Raspberry & Elderflower, Pink Grapefruit & Guava, Wild Berry and Ginger. There are bottles of Spiced Gingerbread and cans of Espresso Coffee to try too. Plus there’s free shipping on all kombucha online orders over £30.


Equinox Kombucha Original
Our Original flavour is brewed with the finest organic Chun-Mee Green Tea, Pure Spring Water, and Raw Cane Sugar. Refreshingly crisp and zesty. It's a lively combination.


Equinox Kombucha Ginger
Our award winning Original Kombucha is delicately blended with Organic Ginger Juice giving you a fiery kick that will tantalise your taste buds.

raspberry & elderflower

We’ve lusciously blended Organic Raspberry Leaf and Elderflower to our award winning Kombucha. Enjoy its subtle, well-balanced flavour. It will leave you feeling refreshed, light and energised.

wild berry

Equinox Kombucha Wild Berry
Our Wild berry flavour is a refreshing blend of fruity botanicals, Hibiscus, Rosehip, and Bilberry. Don’t let the delicious sherbet taste fool you...It's still as angelic as our other flavours!

pink grapefruit & guava

Equinox Kombucha Pink Grapefruit
Tropical Pink Grapefruit and Guava gets boldly blended with our Original Kombucha recipe for a crisp and colourful flavour hit that leaves you feeling extraordinarily refreshed.

peach & turmeric

Equinox Kombucha Peach and Turmeric
Try our new Peach and Turmeric flavor. A daring blend of Organic Sweet Peach and spicy, earthy, Turmeric, relish the aromatic, fruit flavours. Get revitalised, refreshed and rebalanced.

I’ve tried all the different flavors and love the fragrance and taste! It worked miracles with my digestion and I must say it ‘s my fizzy drink of choice.


Must have drink every day. It tastes great and is healthy as well!


espresso coffee

Equinox Kombucha Espresso Coffee
Try our new Espresso Coffee. Savor the smooth coffee aroma, and refreshing kombucha fizz that packs a powerful kick. Get a natural boost of vitality today. Recharge - Rebalance
Equinox Kombucha Create Your Own Pack

Pack Your Own Box

Mix up a box with any flavour combo you like. Boxes of 20 from £36.00 pack my box

Equinox Kombucha Cans Multipack

Cans multi-pack

Our multi pack is available in 24 cans with 4 of each of our delicious 6 flavours. Packs from £38.40 Buy now