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How we make our drinks

At Equinox we use three ingredients for the base of our drinks: Chun-Mee Green Tea or Arabica Coffee, Pure Spring Water, Raw Cane Sugar.
This ferments with the kombucha culture aka 'SCOBY' (Symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast).


Firstly we brew a huge cup of tea using spring water, loose leaf green tea, cane sugar and organic botanicals to flavour. We then let it cool before adding the SCOBY to work it’s magic.


Our cultures break down the sugars and tea by converting them to organic acids, amino acids, vitamins and beneficial bacteria. This also adds tasty fermented tones that Kombucha fans know and love.


We remove our cultures from the brew before filtering out any sediment leaving our Kombucha packed full of goodness. A new culture often forms in the bottle, this is due to it being raw and unpasteurised!


Once we’re completely satisfied with the flavour we add some fizz, put on a lid and send it off to our happy customers!


Fancy a healthier soft drink? Why not create your own pack of any flavour combinations or one of our multipacks.


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