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Great Taste – Our Kombucha is created by our passionate belief that the best quality organic, ethically sourced ingredients, create new and healthy experiences, combined with our unique craft brewing process, results in a delicious and refreshing drink. Our suppliers form the arteries of our Equinox ecosystem, we work closely with them to ensure that ethical farming, sourcing and supply chains feed and sustain our business, our products and our customers.
(Organic ingredients and ethical Supply Chain)

Crafted with love – Our manufacturing processes are designed to be as clean and sustainable as possible. Our working culture encourages experimentation, innovation and collaborative learning. We continually develop our ‘craft’ of brewing living, bacterially rich, healthy Kombucha with an eye to reducing our environmental impacts and expanding our capacity in life affirming ways. We do everything we can minimise harm and maximise health.
(Clean manufacturing and positive environmental impact)

Create harmony and give respect – We make ‘living’ Kombucha that is thriving with healthy bacterial cultures. For us, the culture of our business needs to be equally healthy, in order to sustain and nurture our product and our people.
Harmony for us is an ongoing process of listening, understanding and rebalancing the way we create or market out product. As an aspiring B Corp, we believe in taking into account the needs of all our stakeholders when making important decisions governing the current and future health of our business and our communities.
(People and culture)

Giving back is right thing to do, for us and the planet – As a integral part of a wider living system in the Calderdale Valley, we believe that it’s our responsibility and honour to play our role in its ongoing regeneration and evolution. We are a part of a living, dynamic community and connect organisations, projects and resources wherever possible. We give locally because it makes a difference and because it connects us to each other, our communities, our customers and our planet.
(Community engagement and investment)

Positively disrupt and challenge – We are living in times of social and environmental regeneration. We are proud to be a British company that make a affordable, healthy soft drink for all to enjoy, sustainability is at our core. As a company producing a healthy, living product, its vitally important to provide people with valuable, credible information from which they can make new and healthier choices. We combine social and physical science to challenge the existing status quo. We strive to positively disrupt, we educate and we experiment to create positive change.
(Health education and business impact models)


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