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Our Mission

To disrupt the soft drinks market. We are a British
company crafting organic, 
sustainable and
awarding winning kombucha for all to enjoy.

Refresh, Rebalance and Revitalise:
Ourselves, Our Community and Our Environment.

Taste is everything

Taste connects us and expands our sensory experience of life. It gives pleasure and relaxes our systems. For us, great taste is the doorway through which better decisions happen.

We craft our products with love

We believe in making things with love. We believe that actions speak louder than words and organic quality creates health. We are alive and so is everything we make.

We create harmony and give respect

We are responsible and respectful to all. We don’t always get it ‘right’ but we do learn and grow our culture together. We do everything we can minimise harm and maximise health.

We give back because it’s the right thing for us all and the planet

We give locally and globally because it makes a difference. We take care of each other, our communities, our customers and our planet because we are all connected.

We positively disrupt and challenge

We combine social and physical science to challenge the status quo. We positively disrupt the outdated stories & systems, we educate, we experiment and play with potential.


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