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Creating Good Health – Interview With Tim Michell

A smoothie mixologist gives tips on how to stay healthy

Tim Michell has created some wonderful recipes for our Equinox recipe cards and so we wanted to take a sneak peak into his life as an expert recipe creator. 

Hi Tim! Tell us, what do you do?

I am extremely passionate about nutrition and my background is working in the vegan restaurant business, operating and running organic cold pressed juice bars.

For the past 6 years I have been passionately making superfood smoothies, juices, tonic herb lattes and raw chocolate. More recently I have been working as a recipe designer, mixologist and superfood blend designer. I am also a brand ambassador for organic companies that I believe in and consume myself.

How did you get into this work?

It all started with my own health challenges when I was younger. I was a stereotypical London boy, hanging out in the social party scene.  From 15 onwards, I wasn’t looking after myself, I had endless late nights and not eating the right foods. At around 20 years old I hit a point where my health was so bad, it made me re-evaluate my life and think about more conscious choices. This was the catalyst that got me into researching, nutrition and keeping up to date with the latest information on what is healthy and how to stay healthy.

What is it that keeps you interested?

When you implement healthy changes into your diet you feel on a tangible level – the difference. Your quality of life improves. It is truly fascinating how positive and negative vibrations affect your body. I have experienced how diet can affect your mood, emotional state, personality and confidence. Nutrition is more than what we have been told its been about.

When did you get into fermented foods?

I got into fermented foods 5 years ago. I started off making sauerkraut and kimchi and was fascinated by the fermentation process and how it is so important to keep our gut healthy.

Why do you drink Equinox Kombucha and what do you love about it?

I drink it because I love the brand, and the ethos behind the brand. Equinox has a wonderful balance of flavour between the fermented kick and something more subtle which I think is really accessible for the mainstream audience. I also love the Sacred Geometry branding [flower of life], and the fact that its 100% organic – that appeals to me.

How do you incorporate Kombucha into your recipes and why?

Its great to include live cultures into the recipes as this is what keeps your gut healthy, also the extra fizz adds a nice kick and texture.

What do you make at home?

Sauerkraut, kimchi – I have experimented with kombucha, but to be honest nothing I’ve made tastes as good as the Equinox brand!

Who is your favourite health guru or inspirational nutritional expert?

David Wolfe, without a doubt. He was the first person to open my eyes to all of the health information. He is very inspiring, has bags of energy and is compelling to watch.  He is also not afraid to speak his mind about some of the more unconventional things like Zappers and earthing technology.  He also mentions Ormus minerals and Medicinal mushrooms which can protect us from DNA damage.

Advice to people to switch to healthier lifestyle?

Do your own research, follow intuition on what you are learning. Work with a good holistic doctor or naturopath. Find people you trust to work with, and always cross check scientific studies.

Best piece of advice you’ve ever had?

Be kind to yourself and have a positive outlook on life. Be loving to the environment, animals and having good intention at the heart of everything you do. Express yourself truthfully.

Thank you Tim! You can find one of his original recipe creations below! 😊

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