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Millennials – Kombucha Instead Of Wine?

Young People Opting Health For Kicks

With buzzwords such as ‘guthealth’ and ‘microbiome’ as a hot trend in 2017, more and more people are understanding the importance of keeping a healthy gut to maintain tip top health. This has brought the spotlight onto fermented products and how the live cultures contained in them are known boost the immune system. The Japanese Samurai warriors named it ‘the elixir of life’ afterall! As adults begin to educate themselves on healthier alternatives in diet and lifestyle due to a wealth of information and articles online, it’s having a domino effect on the younger generation to start making conscious choices about their health too. Young millennials are now opting to hang out in juice bars, gather at conscious events and go to ‘sober raves’: one that has risen in popularity has been Morning Gloryville where people dance at 7am, down fresh juice shots and partake in yoga. With the rise of veganism and documentaries such as ‘What The Health’ also spreading far and wide, young people are starting to make conscious decisions to improve their health.

Equinox Kombucha is sold not only in health stores around the UK and Europe, but also features in many restaurants and cafes in major cities and towns. Young people are always on the look out for trendy new grub and drinks that benefit their health and we at Equinox Kombucha want to provide young people with the perfect alternative to fizzy drinks that are also kind to your tummy!

The sparkling fizz of kombucha makes it a perfect alcohol alternative that is delicious and refreshing. The fun thing about kombucha is that you can serve it in a fancy wine glass and pretend! It can be enjoyed on it’s own or mixed into juice or a smoothie. Celebrity DJ’s and musicians have even enjoyed a delicious kombucha playing sets in Ibiza. Who knows what is coming next and on the cards for Equinox Kombucha? Maybe a kombucha bar on every corner? We hope so!

To switch your ‘naughty for nice’ why not try our delicious kombucha as a perfect pre party drink or clubbing classic!



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