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From Flood Water to Spring Water

A story of passion & survival!

On Boxing Day 2015 large parts of Northern England were hit overnight by flash floods. Being based in Hebden Bridge, we happened to be one of the communities and small businesses that were affected the worst..

After an enjoyable Christmas we all woke up to the news our entire brewery was submerged in over 5 feet of water.

Like many other businesses around us, our dreams were momentarily shattered and we thought our brewing days were far behind us!

Being from Yorkshire however, our stubbornness prevailed and through raw determination and a passion to get the wonders of Kombucha out to the masses, we finally managed to get back on our feet!

A year and a half later Equinox are proud to announce that we are  now using Spring Water to make all our drinks!

This has always been a dream of ours and we have always known that Spring Water is the best way to give our customers the highest quality product.

This has also made a huge improvement in the overall taste of the drinks.

We have never being happier with the final product!



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