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History of Kombucha

Kombucha you say? But where on earth does it come from?

The history of kombucha is shrouded in mystery, but the general consensus is that this ancient tonic originated in ancient China over 2000 years ago in the Qin Dynasty (220BC). The Chinese people labelled it the “Elixir of Life” – with the wonderful healing properties kombucha is known to have, it is not surprising that people used to drink it to stay healthy and prevent disease! Some more Kombucha buzzwords you might hear are “Tea of Immortality” & “Wonder Tea”.

Others claim that Japanese samurai warriors used to carry kombucha in their belts and drank it before battle as it gave them a vital source of energy!
Later on, Kombucha became popular in Russia and Europe until World War II hit and rations made it very hard for sugar to come by – an important ingredient for fermentation.

During the swinging sixties, especially in California, households would brew kombucha and then pass the scoby along to friends to grow their own. It was called groovy tea back in the day!

Kombucha is currently enjoying a resurgence and has followed in the footsteps of the USA to become one of this year’s hottest UK beverage trends. According to research out last February, the market is set to grow by 25% every year until 2020, when it will be worth an estimated $1.8 billion globally. Kombucha’s explosion in popularity is part of a wider sea-change in attitude towards what we put into our bodies, with more and more people- especially millennials – consciously choosing a more holistic, nutritious lifestyle.

We are excited for what the future holds, and encourage you all to join the kombucha revolution.



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