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Go on then...what on earth is this stuff?

So, what's kombucha?

Go on then…what on earth is this stuff?

Kombucha isn’t a new trend, in fact it’s been around longer than you’d imagine. Coming all the way from China over 2,000 years ago, kombucha has come a long way, especially in recent years – gaining more popularity as more people discover its amazing health benefits. Kombucha is highly praised for its probiotics that come from the fermentation process; similar to the likes of Sourdough, Sauerkraut, Kimchi, Miso, and Tempeh. But we still get a lot of questions about our so-called ‘miracle drink’. Like what is kombucha? What is kombucha made of? What does kombucha taste like? Hopefully we can answer them all here.

What is Kombucha?

Kombucha is not high in sugar, it’s not alcoholic (well it contains trace amounts, but we’ll get into that later) and it’s not your average soft drink. So we know what it’s not, but…

What exactly is it? Kombucha is the amazing fermented soft drink that we like to craft brew the good old fashioned way – we stick to the traditional Eastern recipe, fermenting our organic antioxidant-rich green tea, raw cane sugar and live bacteria and yeast cultures over a number of weeks, which creates our delicious Kombucha, full of the good stuff!

You might have heard that this fermentation process creates a small amount of alcohol, and you’ve heard right. It creates a trace amount, but it’s such a low volume you won’t be getting drunk any time soon.

What is Kombucha made of?

This is another one that we get asked – a lot.  So let’s try to explain… Equinox Organic Kombucha is made from Chun Mee Green Tea, raw cane sugar and a live culture called a ‘SCOBY’ or a Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast – if you’re a fan of science stuff.

We always use certified organic ingredients and keep our Kombucha raw and unpasteurised – so that we keep in all of the gut friendly bacteria. We never use anything artificial because we don’t like our drinks to contain any nasties!

What does Kombucha do?

If you’re wondering what does kombucha do, you’ll be happy to hear that Kombucha has a well-deserved reputation for working wonders on the mind and body – probably why it’s also known as the ‘Tea of Immortality’. And while we can’t guarantee immortality, we can tell you it’ll leave you feeling wonderfully revitalised, think of it as a healthy little pick-me-up. 

Kombucha is perfect if you want to add probiotics to your diet. It can help to boost your digestive health, immunity and your nutrient absorption by increasing the biodiversity in your microbiome. The greater your gut biodiversity, the better your health, or you could say the more good stuff you put into your body the more you get out of life. Healthy body, healthy mind, healthy booch.

What does Kombucha taste like?

There are still loads of folks that haven’t tried kombucha that always ask ‘What does kombucha taste like?’ And we always say the best way to find out is to try it, because it’s pretty tricky to describe! But we’ll give it a go –  Equinox Kombucha has a very distinctive taste – fizzy, fragrant, fruity and unbelievably delicious, it’s very different from other soft drinks and it’s amazing as a mixer, it’s the ultimate taste experience!

Go on, try it – we dare you! Shop our range of delicious flavours here. 

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Equinox Kombucha Joanna Southgate

“We work really hard to get the right flavour profile ensuring our drinks are palatable, light, refreshing and easy to drink. We don’t want it to taste like medicine. We are proud to make an authentic, live, craft kombucha, not a product made from concentrates as many are now.”

Joanna Southgate

Technical & Site Manager

It’s time to look after yourself, the planet and go organic.


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Kombucha is a fermented drink made from green tea, cane sugar and a live culture called a Kombucha ‘SCOBY’ (Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast).  This colony grows on top of the beverage as it ferments, making Kombucha a very unique and tasty drink! These naturally occurring organic acids, antioxidants and live bacteria have given Kombucha a well-deserved reputation for working wonders on the mind and body. We always use certified organic ingredients and keep our Kombucha raw and unpasteurised, we don’t like our bottles to contain any nasties! At the end of the day, the more good stuff we put into our body, the more we get out of Life.

Kombucha is known for its beneficial properties and many people are seeking out healthy and conscious food and drink choices today. Kombucha is versatile and can be enjoyed as a simple and natural energy boosting drink, it can be added to smoothies, your favourite alcoholic beverages as a mixer and even in cooking as a marinade or in raw soups. Check out our blog for some ideas.

We brew our Kombucha with green tea for its antioxidant properties but it can be brewed with any type of tea you like. Other natural ingredients or juices can also be added to create variation and taste though unflavoured Kombucha is also  delicious! If you manage to get hold of a SCOBY, experiment with making your own Kombucha – we would love to hear your stories!