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Delicious kombucha cocktail ideas..

As served at our cocktail bar....

We hosted the first of many kombucha cocktail bars in at the Taste of London this summer. Classic cocktails were re-invented and mixed with one of our four funky flavours. To celebrate these exciting times, we’re sharing our original and delicious recipes with all you lucky readers!

Kombucha Libre

50ml Papagayo spiced rum topped up with Equinox kombucha (ginger) and a squeeze of fresh lime, all served over crushed ice. Garnish with a slice of lime.

Kombucha Chilli Cooler

35ml of Arbikie chilli vodka topped up with Equinox kombucha (original), a dash of vanilla bitters and Gomme syrup*, all served over crushed ice. Garnish with fresh sliced lime and a chilli pepper.

*can be substituted by 1tsp sugar

Raspberry & Elderflower Kombucha Mojito

50ml Arbikie vodka and a dash of elderflower cordial topped up with Equinox kombucha (raspberry & elderflower), all served over crushed ice. Add 25ml Gomme syrup*, 1 sliced fresh lime, a handful of mint, and 2tbsp of fresh summer berries (or frozen), and garnish with a spring of mint and a raspberry.

*can be substituted by 1tsp sugar

Orange Berry Kombucha Fancy

50ml Arbikie vodka topped up with Equinox kombucha (wild berry), 25ml Cassis, 25ml fresh orange juice, 15ml Gomme syrup* and a squeeze of fresh lime, all served over crushed ice. Garnish with a slice of fresh orange.

*Can be substituted by 1/2 tsp sugar

Summer Berry Kombucha Twist

50ml Loca Lab juniper spirit topped up with Equinox kombucha (Raspberry & Elderflower), served over crushed ice. Garnish with a fresh raspberry, sliced lime and a sprig of mint.

So there you have it, five naughty but nice kombucha cocktails on ice!

“We are very excited about using our kombucha in a new way to reach out to new customers and showcase the different ways in which kombucha can be enjoyed,” said Equinox Co-Founder Chris Peters. “Despite being a health drink, it’s very versatile and complements alcohol really well.”

We’re sure you’ll agree, and we’d love to hear from any readers who try these recipes out, so why not share this article and comment below?

The Equinox team are planning other cocktail bars over winter and next summer so please write your e-mail below to keep up-to-date with our news and where abouts.



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