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Equity for well beings

Come and join the Equinox family

Capital at risk

Our story

The Equinox story is one that has seen a small Yorkshire craft kombucha manufacturer grow to become one of the UK market leader in Sept 2021.

Our company was born in 2012 when a Yorkshire couple discovered kombucha on a backpacking trip in Asia and founded Equinox to be an ethical, UK company producing real living drinks.

In 2013, our MD Daniel met the founders, fell in love with the Equinox ethos, invested and got involved helping to grow revenues 19.9x since 2016.

Backed by Yeo Valley (Flos Vitae) in 2019 because they believed that Equinox was an exciting challenger brand, leading the growth of multi-functional health drinks in the UK.

In 2020, we launched our River Cottage by Equinox range of kombucha in partnership with Hugh Fernley Whittingstall and became the first B Corp certified kombucha company in Europe.

We are now excited to be inviting you to join us for the next chapter of our powerful growth journey.

Why invest in Equinox Kombucha?

Achievements to date

  • One of the market leaders in UK Kombucha sales
  • High growth curve of 19.9 x revenue since 2016 with £2.55M rev in 2021
  • + 8.6MM units sold since 2016, with 5MM units sold since the start of the pandemic
  • Only B Corp kombucha brewery in Europe

Equinox Kombucha bottles by a tree
Equinox Kombucha bottles on a cloud

Opportunity for Growth

We are excited to be crowdfunding in order to:

  • Expand our market reach with new listings in major UK and EU supermarkets
  • Promote consumer education and marketing to engage people into the benefits of real, living, authentically brewed kombucha
  • Expand our team in the UK and EU to facilitate the next stage of our growth journey
  • Invest in net zero carbon and food waste projects with The Real Junk Food Project (now known as Surplus to Purpose)

Own a part of our future

Community advocates and investors have been the cornerstone of our company’s growth and success since its inception. Why not join us and play a vital role in the next chapter of our UK homegrown company success story? 

Invest in Equity for Wellbeings and become a part of the Equinox family!

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Capital at Risk. Investments of this nature carry risks to your capital. Please Invest Aware.

Equinox Kombucha B Corp

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It’s time to look after yourself, the planet and go organic.


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